About Thermography Limited

Rhonda Paseur, Certified Clinical Thermographer, owns and operates Thermography Limited, LLC. Prior to acquiring the business from June Drennon in September 2015, she was a thermography patient for many years. She is committed to health and wellness and is an advocate for maintaining optimal levels of both through various lifestyle choices. Rhonda has been educating and assisting clients in their selection of health insurance coverages for over 25 years. Having watched the industry evolve from affordable premiums and meaningful benefits to high deductibles, escalating prices and loss of coverage for many, she believes it is more important than ever to know your current level of health.

Then, armed with that knowledge, to begin to take control of and manage your own wellness outcomes as much as possible.

With an emphasis on early risk assessment and prevention of disease, thermography is ideally placed as a screening tool providing peace of mind by empowering both women and men with the knowledge to improve health and promote longevity.

Early detection is important, but prevention is the key!

Certified by the American College of Clinical Thermology